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Phone & Video Coaching

Telephone / Online Consultation

Advice before buying / adopting a dog:

  • Breeder or animal shelter?

  • How do I recognize a good breeder / a responsible animal welfare organization?

  • Which breed is the right one for me and my family?

  • Which training courses do I have to complete?

  • Theory course beforehand by phone or video consultation

  • Do i need a dog insurance?

  • Which dog courses do I have to complete?

  • How do I equip my car?

Advice a dog is moving in, what should I watch out for?

  • Where do I place the dog bed?

  • When / how often should I go outside with my dog?

  • How do I secure my garden?

  • What equipment should I have at home? (first aid kit, grooming kit, collar or harness? Etc.)

Advice for training and problem solving :

  • Why is my dog barking?

  • Why is my dog pulling on the leash?

  • With which courses can I better utilize my dog?

  • My dog is hyperactive, how can I train him appropriately?

  • My dog is very sensitive, how can I make him more resistant to simulations?

  • Does my dog shows problem behavior?

  • How do I get my dog to concentrate better?

My dog is getting older, what should I consider?

  • Which food is right for his age?

  • When is my dog a senior?

  • What do I have to consider when caring for my dog at the appropriate age?

  • Which courses are right for which age?

  • How much rest time do I need to give my dog?

CHF 1.65 per minute (Phone)

99 CHF for 45 Minutes (Zoom)

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