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Young dog and training courses
in Zurich & Surroundings

We also offer the obligatory young dog and training courses.

Here you will find all important information:



The young dog courses are always held at suitable locations in Zurich and the surrounding area
so that you can be optimally looked after and do not have to travel too far.


Please refer to the timetable on the website for the days and times.

We will inform you early on where the training will take place. (address + directions)


In general, our courses also take place in busy places (in the case of anxious dogs, we adapt the environment accordingly), so that our dogs are not place heroes, but are made fit for everyday life.



After completing the course, we will issue you with the official confirmation for your community.

Depending on which courses you have already completed, you need 10-20 hours, as well as a young dog or training course pass.

We will be happy to help you if you do not know exactly how many hours you have to complete.



In this course we take up all the basics of dog training and train together in important everyday situations.

We will show you how you can teach your dog basic obedience while having a lot of fun. The dogs learn to concentrate on working side by side without playing with each other. You will also learn to read and understand dog body language and we will improve your cooperation as a team. Our young dog or training course (also for older dogs) includes the following content:

1. Learning Theory

2. Human-dog team bonding

3. Leash walking

4. Recall

5. Read & manage conflict behavior

6. Correct unwanted behavior non-violently

7. Walking at heel & at heel

8. Intensive everyday practical training

9. Fetch

10. Clickers & Targets

PLEASE NOTE: if your dog barks non-stop in our class
If your dog fails to concentrate in the presence of other dogs in a group class and this manifests itself in excessive barking, thus disrupting the class for the other participants, we reserve the right to terminate the lesson for the offending participant and ask the participants to complete the course in private lessons, which entails additional costs, since private lessons are more expensive. In addition, the started course hour will unfortunately be charged. The reason is that we want to create a calm and concentrated environment for the participants in the courses. Your dog can also benefit from private lessons because the barking problem is specifically addressed and treated. Depending on how well the participant and their dog implement what they have learned, there is nothing to prevent the participant from returning to a group course as long as the dog no longer barks excessively. Please understand this procedure, as we want to please all participants. Thanks.



Don't worry if you miss a lesson because the course content is repetitive, you can join or repeat missing content at any time. In addition, we repeat what we have already learned and repeat the most important content so that it fits everyone.


We look forward to seeing you.

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