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ONLINE Theory Course for Dog Owners (EN)

Theory course for dog owners via Zoom Duration: 2 hours

  • 2 Stunden
  • 135 Schweizer Franken
  • Online


The new dog law will soon come into force. Unfortunately, the exact date is still uncertain! However, we would like to offer you the theory course for new dog owners. With us you will get the opportunity to complete the course online. You can expect an online presentation of various important dog topics that were specified by the canton of Zurich: 1. DOG & LAW - most important provisions of the dog and animal laws - Code of conduct for dog owners - Requirements for traveling with dogs or importing a dog purchased from abroad 2. NEEDS, SOCIAL BEHAVIOR, LEARNING THEORY - Needs of a dog (activities, breed-specific behavior, signs and causes of excessive and insufficient demands) - Knowledge of social behavior (lifestyle and integration into a social network, communication and expressive behavior of the dog) - Learning theory of dogs taking into account the learning methods (classical and instrumental conditioning, learning through positive reinforcement) 3. TOOLS FOR DOG TRAINING - permitted aids for dog ownership such as collar, leash or muzzle (management tools) - Permitted aids such as clickers, dog whistle, rewards with food or toys - Information about prohibited aids such as choke collars and aids that punish the dog mentally and physically and the legal consequences of using them 4. TIME & FINANCIAL EXPENSES OF DOG OWNERSHIP - Costs for dog courses - Insurance - Medical expenses also dependent on dog breed and potential diseases - Dog food and equipment - Time required for supervision & utilization, as well as any resulting costs for dog care 5. SPECIFIC PURPOSES OF DOG BREEDS - Basic knowledge of intended use, as well as resulting information about the specific needs of the different breeds and any unwanted behavior they could show - Support in choosing the right breed of dog based on characteristics based on breed and not on the look "The theory course should not be attended earlier than a year before the start of dog ownership. (...) Conversely, the training should be attended no later than two months after the start of keeping or moving to the canton. (...) Ideally, the theory course visited shortly before adopting a dog."


Stornierung & Umbuchung

Für Stornierungen und Umbuchungen von einzelnen Kursen kannst Du uns bis zu 24 Stunden vor dem Kurs kontaktierten. Sollte ein erworbenes Abo vor Antritt einer Kursreihe storniert werden, wird eine Stornogebühr von 50 CHF pro Abo verrechnet. Nach Antritt eines Abos wird der Abopreis bei vorzeitigem Abbruch nicht zurückerstattet.



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