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Leash Agression (English)

We will work leash agression when your dog sees other dogs.

  • Various meeting points


Your dog sees another dog and start pulling on the leash as you might think he wants to „say hello” to other dogs or starts barking at them and the walk is just pure stress for you? Different factors often play a role here, such as: - an accidentally trained false expectation that your dog now always wants to be fulfilled, as well as the resulting frustration if this does not occur - but also discomfort due to the restriction of the natural free space and communication radius - ritualized mechanisms "burned" in your dog's brain, which then allows him to react accordingly (these have to be "overwritten" and new connections need to be established) You can see that a lot of different things come together here, which we analyze together in this course and we explain to you why your dog reacts the way he does. On the basis of theoretical knowledge and many practical exercises (targeted leash encounters at a good distance under professional guidance), we reduce leash aggression and enable you to take a more relaxed walk. However, new customers must book a private lesson beforehand in order to take this course. Just ask us about this.


Stornierung & Umbuchung

Für Stornierungen und Umbuchungen von einzelnen Kursen kannst Du uns bis zu 24 Stunden vor dem Kurs kontaktierten. Sollte ein erworbenes Abo vor Antritt einer Kursreihe storniert werden, wird eine Stornogebühr von 50 CHF pro Abo verrechnet. Nach Antritt eines Abos wird der Abopreis bei vorzeitigem Abbruch nicht zurückerstattet.



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